I Am Number 4

Paige DeNardi

“I Am Number Four” is the story of “John Smith” or Number 4 (Alex Pettyfer) , a chosen boy from another planet who is fighting for his life against aliens out to destroy him. While on the run with his warrior guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant) he meets Sarah ( Dianna Agron), a beautiful girl interested in photography and forgetting her past as the popular girl. The two soon fall for each other, only to be faced with seperation after Number 6 (Teresa Palmer) and “John” go against the aliens and on a mission to find the other Numbers.

The story may seem cheesy, but with a transforming beagle, epic battle scenes, and complicated love triangle the plot is deeper than one might suspect. Alex Pettyfer definitely makes the movie worth seeing. Not only does his slightly mysterious charm bring the character to life, but he’s quite handsome as well. With his blond shaggy hair and chiseled features he’s definitely the next teen heart throb.

The female acting in the movie is also incredible. Dianna Agron really brings the secretive beauty to her character Sarah. She uses her facial expressions and monotone voice to manipulate a scene, and you feel almost sorry for her. The way her ex-boyfriend turned the whole school on her, including her friends, how no one supports her photography ambitions. Then there is Teresa Palmer. From the first time she showed up in the film, her facial expressions and body language gave off a tough girl aura. She’s the one every girl wants to be.

All-in-all, the movie was really interesting. Granted, at times, the plot weakened and there were a few dull moments, but the majority of the movie was fantastic. With the outstanding acting, intense fight scenes, and mysterious characters the movie reaches out and grabs you by the eye balls.


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