Is Your Bank Account Safe?

Becca Atwood

Teens around the US are taking advantage of a new way to paying for items- with a debit card. But is having a debit card with the exposed code number safe?

According to a female banker in PNC Bank of Salem, Indiana, debit cards are not for teenagers. “Debit cards have a lot of responsibility. If you are under 18, your parents have to put it in their name, which then they are responsible for over-withdrawing and theft.”

If your card number is exposed, it can be easily stolen. Say you are in a store and you take out your debit card to pay for your items. You slide it across the card reader and your numbers are exposed. The person behind you can easily see your number and write it down and send it to hundreds of people.

“Every day, we deal with cases of theft by debit cards. It is the easiest thing in the world to get numbers from a card. It is the most common way of theft. It may seem uncommon, but it happens every day.” The female banker’s husband was one that has suffered from debit card theft.

Debit cards are easy, simple, and modern. But are they worth the risk?


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