Spring Break Ideas

By Sam Spaulding

Spring break is approaching quickly! I’m sure everyone is just bubbling with excitement to break away for the homework-assigning teachers, the annoying kids in your grade, and the early morning alarm clock going off in your ear. Everyone usually goes out to Florida…of course. Why not switch it up this year on your SB11 vacation and do something out of the norm.

  • Plan a trip…not to Florida. I’m sure here in good ol’ Indiana there are tons of sweet sights and interesting activities to do.
  • Catch up on your sleep! We’re high school kids; we don’t get a lot during the school weeks.
  • Slumber Party! Round up all your friends and pull some all night-ers watching dumb movies and piggin’ out on unhealthy food.
  • Do anything and everything with your friends. They are the people you want to spend the most time with, so do it!
  • Do absolutely nothing! Relax; take a break from school, people, anything you want. It’s spring break. It’s your choice to do whatever you please!

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