Controversial Advertisements

We see commercials all of the time. Some of them are funny, some are happy, and some are stupid. There are some commercials, however, that are offensive. The commercials are often banned or changed when complaints are received. Here are some commercials that have caused controversy.
A commercial you may have seen before it was pulled from the air is one where Paris Hilton is in a bikini washing a car “seductively”. This commercial was actually for a restaurant that sells burgers. Almost the entire commercial is Paris washing the car, but for about two seconds it shows her biting into a burger.
A French ad about an AIDS campaign features man having intercourse with a giant scorpion and a woman receiving oral sex from a tarantula. Whatever point they were trying to make was lost by the shock effect of the ad. It was banned.
In a Microsoft Windows XP commercial a couple was shown during foreplay. The man tries to remove the woman’s bra but he found he was locked out by a password. This commercial was expectedly banned.
A tampon ad featured a woman toting around a beaver while doing daily activities. The commercial states “you’ve only got one of them, so look after it.” The commercial received over 185 complaints from men and women alike.
A razor commercial in Britain featured three women talking, while one strokes a cat. They then break into song about how they love to “mow the lawn” while dancing around the yard pushing a lawn mower. Then they are shown trimming bushes into shapes such as triangles, hearts, and a plain strip. One line of the song “all that’s left is tulips on the mound” is inappropriate for obvious reasons. When the women are done mowing the woman is stroking the cat again, but the cat is now hairless. It was pulled from the air.
Shock advertising has been growing in popularity over the years. The effectiveness of shock advertising has not been determined. A lot of the time it just gets the commercials pulled from the air. I guess it shows that advertisers will do anything to get the viewers’ attention.


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