Earth and Space Science Coming to SHS

By Jessica Axsom

Many of the students were suprised last week while signing up for next year’s classes when they realized that a new science class had been added to the list for the upcoming school year. For the first time ever, Salem High School will offer Earth and Space Science, which will be taught by Stephen Riggle, the current Chemistry and ICP teacher. The class can be compared as less challenging than Chemistry and Physics but more demanding than ICP. The class was a requirement for the 8th graders at Salem Middle School but there will be a few differences in this course.

“Remember what it was like in the 8th grade? Well, it will be like that plus more,” says Riggle.

The class will cover areas of geology, the study of minerals, how the earth works as a system, astronomy and the study of space, meteorology, oceans, and even dinosaurs. Students that are thinking about or have already signed up should be ready for a challenge. The class is designed for students that need to take another science class but aren’t up for a class as challenging as Chemisty or Physics. The course is offered to students that have passed Biology and ICP (Integrated Chemistry and Physics.)

“The state requires Core 40 students to take 3 years of science and there really weren’t any options for those that don’t want or need to take Cemistry, so that’s why this class was added,” explained Riggle.

Riggle taught Earth and Space Science 12 years ago during his Student Teaching, and while he is excited to be teaching something new, he also has his worries. Trying to come up with the materials for labs and preparing tests is something that can be mastered over the years, but with this being his first year and he only has until August to come up with it, it’s easy to see why he might feel stressed.

“I’ve had 12 years to prepare with ICP but this is all new,” says Riggle.


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