The Kindle is One Great Buy


By Charlie Seabolt

The hot item on just about anyone’s wish list seems to be the portable e-book reader by Amazon, the Kindle. The Kindle sports built in Wi-Fi, a 6 inch LCD screen, readable screen with no glare despite sunlight, clear text, full keyboard, great battery life along with many other features.

There isn’t a bad thing to say about the Kindle so far. Buying books works like apps for an Apple product, just go to the Kindle store, then buy them and download them to your device. The big screen is great along with the no glare that comes with it. The device, all in one, is amazing for bookworms, my sister LOVES it. And since she always has a book in her hand anyway, it couldn’t have been a better gift. One thing she likes about it is that when it’s turned off, it features pictures from authors or books or whatever every time to pull the off switch.

For the $139 or even the$ 189 (with free 3G) (there’s also the Kindle DX with free 3G and a bigger 9.7”), I would only recommend this device for a devout reader. If your loved one or whoever isn’t always raving about wanting a new book don’t get it for them.

Overall the Kindle is a great product. Word of warning! Don’t buy a sleeve with metal products in it or your Kindle will crash. We learned that one the hard way. But easy there, you can call an assistance line and get it cleared to where you send in the old one for a new one and still have the books you bought on the new one! Good job, Amazon!


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