How To Move On After Child Abuse

By Sara McIntosh

There are many types of child abuse including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment, and medical neglect. There are over three million reports of child abuse a year in the United States alone. If you are one of them I bet you thought you were all alone, but you weren’t. Child abuse hurts and kills children every day. It is a bad problem that is starting to get worse and worse every year. Child abuse can cause physiological problems and health problems.

When you grow up getting abused you tend to grow up thinking why me, what is wrong with me, and how did I deserve this? The truth is there is nothing wrong with you, and you do not deserve it. The person who has something wrong with them is the one who is doing the beating; not the one taking it. Nobody deserves to be beat by a parent, guardian, or spouse. I wish I could say that this problem will stop, but it does not always end. Some of us get lucky and someone saves us, or we save ourselves by telling. The only way to end it is to either leave or tell someone. Don’t ever be afraid to tell someone. It will only help you, not hurt you. I know it is hard, but you will feel so much better when the beatings stop.

The truth is this there is no way to forget about being abused, and you will never completely get over it. The only things you can do are move on and try not to let it affect who you are. It takes a lot of practicing and talking about it, but it is possible to move on. Just don’t let it bring you down. You have to remember it wasn’t your fault and you deserve better than that. No one deserves to be treated like a piece crap by a vicious person. Only you can change your destiny so think positive, and move on so your life will be great, like it should have been all those years. Always remember you deserve the best and nothing less.


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