After the Fact Reviews: Mr Bean’s Holiday

When I rented Mr Bean’s Holiday, the newest (and probably last) entry into the Mr Bean franchise, last weekend, I didn’t have high hopes. I loved the TV show, I own the entire series on DVD, and the first movie.

The series is a triumph of “silent” comedy, and in my opinion, one of the funniest TV shows ever made. If you are not familiar with Mr Bean, he is a strange British guy that seems to be able to inadvertently get into more hilarious situations than anyone you have ever seen. Every 30min episode is almost completely lacking in dialogue, with only the occasional grunt or mumble from Bean himself.

The first Bean movie, Bean: The Movie was a disappointment, although funny, it lacked some of the charm of the original series. The next movie, Mr Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie was much more Americanized and not nearly as funny as even the original movie. It also reused many of the same jokes that were in previous entries, making the entire movie feel stale.

So, understandably, my hopes were not that high. I am elated to say, that I was completely and totally wrong.

This movie is the best thing to happen to Mr Bean since he drove onto the scene 1990.

I have almost nothing to complain about in this movie- the cinematography was amazing, the acting was top-notch (even from Rowan Atkinson, who never ceases to amazing me), and the storyline was actually engaging and heartwarming.

Mr. Bean wins a raffle for a vacation to Cannes, France and sets out for a holiday. What follows is a hilarious adventure as he tries to get there, with a young boy that was separated from his father, and a young actress desperate to get to a film premiere.

I never expected so much from a Mr Bean movie, this wasn’t just a good comedy, or good for a Mr Bean film, this was just plain ol’ good cinema.

If you want a good laugh from a witty, smart British comedy that is both heartwarming and beautiful to look at, then Mr Bean’s Holiday will not disappoint.


Rated G


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