Facebook Starts Streaming Movie Rentals

Facebook has a new deal with Warner Bros. that has started a buzz among users of the social networking site. Starting March 8th, Facebook users will be able to rent a movie and watch it within a Facebook page as many times they want for 48 hours. The films can be rented for 30 Facebook credits, which translates to about $3.

This new feature has other movie rental businesses worried. When a movie is rented and streamed via Facebook the user will be able to do daily Facebook activities like posts status updates and comments, a feature other online movie services can not offer. Facebook is counting on this to get their business off the ground.

The first movie available for Facebook rental was The Dark Knight, but as of March 28th they have added 5 more movies, including Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets, Inception, Life As We Know it, and Yogi Bear.

In comparison to Facebook‘s price, a two-night rental from Redbox would cost $2. Netflix users can get unlimited movies for a monthly subscription fee (depending on the subscription plan).  A rental from a place such as Blockbuster or Family Video would be about two or three dollars. But can the cheaper prices of other services keep Facebook rentals from taking over? Only time will tell.


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