Mars Needs Moms review

Mars Needs Moms is a charming family comedy about the parenting plight of the Martians of Mars. Mars is run by female Martians, headed by The Supervisor, who are ironically horrible at parenting. Every 25 years hatchlings are born on Mars and the martians aren’t able to take care of them, so they need to kidnap an earth mom for her skills. Milo is a young boy who feels like his mother’s only purpose in life is to nag at him and make him do chores. He even tells his mother that his life would be better without her. He then realizes how much he needs his mother when she is kidnapped and taken to Mars.

Mars Needs Moms is a cute, entertaining movie that is appropriate for all ages. I was pleasantly surprised after I saw the movie. I was expecting it to be an okay movie at best. It was actually pretty good. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. It had a good back story set up and it stayed true to the plot of the movie instead of going off into another tangent, like many of today’s movies. It has emotional moments, both happy and sad, placed in at the appropriate times. It even has some bits of humor that are actually funny. It also comes out with the clear message that even though your parents nag you, you’re still lucky to have them.

While the movie was good, it was not perfect. There were some parts of the plot that could have used some better explaining. The visual design of the martians could have been changed a little for the better, as well. But, overall, it was an enjoyable movie. It is a great movie for parents or grandparents and their younger kids to go see, although it is appropriate for all age groups to go see in theatres. If you’re looking for a movie to go see this weekend, I highly recommend Mars Needs Moms.


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