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Jessica Axsom

We The Youth is an organization in Washington County that is offered to selected students that want to better the community and meet with other Washington County students to come up with plans to carry their ideas through. Students participate for one school year and meet once a month with students from Eastern and West Washington High School and work in groups to devise different ways to approach the community in fresh, new ways. Jonathan Gahimer has been one of the representatives for the 2010-2011 school year for Salem High School. He not only liked the idea of helping the community, but also loved meeting new friends and having a fun day off from school. Who wouldn’t want that?

“It sounded like a good idea and Ms. Hartsook kind of forced me,” says Gahimer with a laugh.

Jonathan is currently a sophomore and said that being a part of We the Youth is fun, interesting, and most importantly, for a good cause. He has made several new friends through various group activities and will be sad when the school year comes to an end since he doesn’t usually see them other than during We The Youth meetings. Gahimer loved being a part of a group that not only focuses on bettering the community that we live in, but also having a blast while doing so.

“On the first day, we were participating in a group activity and had to carry a member across a field and dropped them on their face,” Gahimer recalls about his favorite We The Youth memory.


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