Blonde, Brunette, Ginger, Pink. Wait, What?

By Becca Atwood

Sophomore Lauren Voyles has taken over the spotlight in Salem High School with her new pink hair. No one else at Salem High School has a full head of hot pink hair, and Lauren tells us her reason behind it.

“I just love the color pink, so I decided to dye my hair pink. It matches with most of my wardrobe, so nothing will clash.” Lauren Voyles finishes off her stunning outfits with her signature pink hair. But having a natural hair color of light-medium brown, things can get a little hectic with the hair dye.

When you dye your hair, your roots are the first to make your natural hair stick out behind your dyed masterpiece. Lauren Voyles says, “I am going to re-touch my hair pink one more time, then I’ll let it grow out and eventually dye it brown.” Having pink hair forever will eventually clash with your professional life.

“I want to get a job in Scottsburg in order to pay for the college I want to go to, and pink hair is not allowed in the place of employment.” Most workplaces have a strict dress code that all employees are expected to follow, and pink hair will (usually) not pass.

Lauren Voyles is a visionary for people who want to stand out. Crazy colors and a great closet is what are needed to stand out, and she does a terrific job.


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