American Idol: Better or Worse?


Megan Hoskins


American Idol has been around for many years and my favorite judge has always been Simon Cowl. But are the new judges making the show better or worse? Jennifer Lopez has taken the place of Paula Abdul and gives the show more pizazz and offers the contestants better advice. Steven Tyler brings more vulgarity to the show. He is an amazing individual he has made the show more interesting and fun to watch.

We always knew what to expect from Simon: repulsive, excruciating, and “No!” Just about summed it up and there’s a lot of people who love the show now. “I love Steven Tyler, he knows what he’s talking about” says Gina Hoskins, who really only watches the auditions. “This is the first year I have ever watched American Idol, and I really enjoy it.” Says Amanda Turner. So as you can see it might not be better or worse; it’s mainly about good television. “Now I’m out dawg!”


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