Are conspiracy theories the big question in America today?

By Jessica Axsom

As Americans, some of us are shocked when we hear some of the ridiculous ideas some come up with and by the lack of intelligence in our citizens when it comes to our nation’s history.  While there are many people that probably couldn’t tell you the date of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there are others that have studied the event so much that they believe that they have found flaws in the angle that the bullet was fired, making it seem as if the man that was charged as guilty was actually innocent.  Most American’s believe with all of their heart and soul that in 1969 the U.S. made a lunar landing and placed the flag of our great nation onto the surface of it; others claim to have proof that we did no such thing.  We are taught that we shouldn’t believe everything that the media throws our way, but isn’t that a bit contradicting since most of the information regarding our nation’s tragedies and triumphs are fed to us through the media?  Conspiracy theories have been circulating throughout history for years and, while some seem to make sense, others seem so far-fetched that it’s hard to imagine anyone believing them.

On November 22nd, 1963, our nation’s 35th president, John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald while riding in a motorcade with his wife Jackie.  The murder was investigated for over ten months before police arrested and charged Oswald.  Rumors began to spread that at the angle that Oswald was alleged to have been standing, the bullet wouldn’t have hit the location that it did on the President.  Other allegations claim that the murder had been set up by political groups to put an early end to Kennedy’s presidential term.  Some will never be able to rest assured that the criminal behind the murder of a great political leader has been caught.

Global warming; we’ve all heard about it at one point or another, whether it be in the science classroom at school or on television.  We have all been informed that the holes in the O-zone layer are allowing more heat and UV rays to enter our atmosphere, causing the surface of the Earth to heat up, ultimately causing the ice caps to melt faster than a Popsicle on a July afternoon.  Many are skeptical about these claims but, hello?  The ice caps are melting!  There is proof in this “conspiracy”.  Glaciers have been melting away for quite some time now and the number of polar bears and other arctic animals is shrinking more and more each year.  The sea levels have been rising within the past few years due to the amount of ice that has melted.  There has been a temperature rise within the water as well.  Lose the hairspray, save the polar bears.

America’s most major scientific accomplishment in the past century has been the lunar landing made on July 16th, 1969.  This may have been one of our nation’s proudest moments as we placed the American flag on the surface of the moon, so it’s devastating to think that it all may have been staged on a Hollywood film set.  Many individuals believe that there are too many flaws in the recording of the landing, like the fact that there appears to be ripples in the flag when gravity doesn’t exist in space, making wind an impossible factor.  Some believe that space-science wasn’t advanced enough to create an aircraft capable of making the journey to the Moon and that it was the government’s way of distracting American’s from the Vietnam War.  A picture of a rock with inscriptions on it surfaced after the landing that appeared to be a stage prop, making the landing look like it could have been filmed here on Earth instead of millions of miles away.  So, are the American flag and footprints of astronauts really on the moon, or is it still a beautiful chunk of rock that everyone dreams about?

Conspiracy theories have been and always will be around as long as there is a good story buzzing in the media and analytical people are there to nit-pick.  While there have been some unexplainable ideas and unanswered questions proposed, other thoughts on some subjects are better left unsaid.  In a world that is always evolving, it’s easy to get caught up in the past, but wouldn’t it be better let some things go and focus on making for a better future where generations no longer have to worry about being lied to by government officials and being brain-washed by the media?  That is the question that should be answered.


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