Ambulance Stolen from KFC Parking Lot

By Lauren Voyles

There was another ambulance stolen recently. Yes, “another”. More than one person has stolen an ambulance this year.

The ambulance was stolen in New Albany from a KFC parking lot by Larry Loughman, 43. Yes, he seriously stole an ambulance from the KFC parking lot while the crew was having dinner. The theft of the ambulance was followed by a lengthy car chase by the police, attempting to retrieve the ambulance and arrest the man. The chase reached speeds of 75 miles per hour on a busy interstate. A witness has video footage that shows the man in the ambulance being chased by dozens of police cars.

Stop sticks were put out and as Loughman swerved to miss them, he swerved into a state police car. The officer fired several shots at the ambulance, but Loughman continued to drive on.

Around mile marker 48, stop sticks were put out again. The driver hit them and continued to drive, even though the ambulance was slowing. At mile marker 55 stop sticks were used again but Loughman managed to avoid them.

Finally, at mile marker 56, the ambulance came to a stop. As Loughman was being arrested he failed to comply with police commands and he was tazed. Larry Loughman is being held in the Floyd County Jail. He was charged with Auto Theft and D felony for the pursuit that went through Clark, Floyd, Scott, and Jackson counties.


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