Game On! 13

By Sara Abbott

Welcome to “Game On!” the column where I review one card each week on how strong it is, what kind of deck would this card work in, and the pros and cons of the card. Today I will review the monster card “Jinzo.” “Jinzo” is a level 6 dark attribute machine-type monster with 2400 attack points and 1500 defense points.

“Jinzo”’s ability is one of the most unique in the game. Trap cards cannot be activated and the effects of face-up trap cards are negated as long as “Jinzo” is on the field, and, with 2400 hundred attack points, “Jinzo” can be hard for your opponent to get rid of without tribute summoning a high level monster. However, cards like “Shield and Sword” can leave “Jinzo” vulnerable to attack.

The deck that “Jinzo” would work best in, although it seems odd, is an “Elemental Hero” deck. With “Jinzo” out on the field, your opponent can’t activate any trap cards, allowing you to summon powerful fusion monsters like “Elemental Hero Terra Firma” or “Elemental Hero Shining Flame Wingman” to the field faster.

So, in conclusion, “Jinzo” can be a very powerful card when used in the right situation. That’s all for this week, see you next time here at “Game On!”.


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