Tom Scifres Says Goodbye

By: Paige DeNardi

Girls’ soccer coach of nearly 5 years, Tom Scifres is calling it quits. “I’m coaching a younger team this year,” says Scifres. “I’ll still be doing Futsal (a recreational practice) at Bradie Shrum every Saturday though.” He says he enjoys coaching, but he would like to enjoy watching his daughters soccer games and not coaching them. “Brittany, my daughter, is going to be a Senior next soccer season and I’d like her to enjoy it, and me be able to support her instead of having to be the one who tells her what she’s doing wrong.”

The players say they are sad that Tom is leaving. “I’m going to miss his goofy personality,” says Sophomore Defensive player Megan Bowling. “He really helped me to understand the game when I was an incoming freshman with no idea of what a Soccer ball even was. I hope he enjoys coaching the younger kids though. Those are going to be some tough kids.”

As for the new coach? There isn’t one yet. “They haven’t hired anyone as of the moment,” says Scifres. “There are a few candidates, but with the new football coach they’re running into a few problems. I think they would like it if the coach was an employee, but it’s going to be difficult to find someone that knows the game of soccer in the school.”

With no coach yet, and summer practice starting in June, who knows if we are going to have a soccer team at all. The Football funds might just cut out the soccer team altogether.


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