Hop: The Best Family Movie Out?

By: Megan Hoskins

‘Hop’ made by Disney is a cute little movie about a bunny named B.E (voiced by Russell Brand) who is destined to be the Easter Bunny, but he doesn’t want to do what his father wants him to do. So B.E runs away to California where he meets Fred O’Hare (James Marsden) a couch potato who gets kicked out of his parents’ house and he needs to find a job.  Freed helps B.E achieve his dream and B.E helps him in return with a surprise I can’t talk about. Fred really connects with B.E because when Fred was younger he saw the Easter Bunny deliver an Easter Basket to his house. This movie is adorable, and is appropriate for the whole family. This is a seasonal movie that could be compared to ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ because the talking animals are made with the same affects.  So next time you want to see a cute little movie take the bunny trail to see ‘Hop.’


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