What is Health?

What is the standard of food health? If you look up the definition of “healthy,” or rather its root word “health,” in a Macmillan Dictionary, it will say that heath is “1.) Soundness of body and mind; freedom from defect or disease. 2.) Condition of the body or mind. 3.) Toast drunk in a person’s honor expressing a wish of his well-being.” Well, by process of elimination, the third definition is obsolete in this situation, but we can directly concur with the idea that if the word “health,” is applied in direct variation of food, then we can assume it means the state of which the food someone consumes affects a person’s body, or whether it is good or bad for that person.
So, what then classifies a food as good or bad? There are several different answers to this question. One response may entail that it depends on the amount of calories present in the suggested item. Calories are the amount of energy associated in a food. The bad thing about Calories is that an excessive consumption of them into the human body will lead to weight gain. Most people do not want that effect. This fact about calories has led to it having a bad reputation, making it seem like something to avoid. But on the contrary, calories are what body needs are as energy to let us do things in life such as exercise or play sports- they virtually fuel our existence. Just don’t eat too many.
Another response could be that sugars are what make foods unhealthy for our bodies. Sugar can also vary in its intensity to do harm to our bodies. Are we talking about processed sugars? Or natural sugar, such as the kind present when you eat a banana or other fresh fruit? Processed sugar includes anything from white sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and even molasses. Processed sugars have a side effect of inhibiting the release of endorphins in a person’s brain. The lack of endorphins at any given time in a person’s body can cause a slight to deep depression. The individual must therefore consume more processed sugar to regain their depleting endorphins for a temporary time period. After the sugar wears off again and the endorphin production again slows down, the person feels the compulsion to consume yet again some more processed sugar. This form of sugar is very addicting and can also lead to an over consumption of calories into the body. Natural sugars also tend to lean toward weight gain when overly consumed by the body, but they are less processed and do not contain the harsh chemical residue that processed sugar does. The body also beaks down these sugars more efficiently and faster than the processed sugar, which adds to its consumption value. So, organically, natural sugars are healthier for your body.
In short, the energy providers of our diet can become our downfall if we abuse them.
A healthy diet also means many other things besides just avoiding stuff; you also have to keep a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Don’t starve yourself just because some things in excess can be harmful. Again, our bodies need calories to function so they are essential.


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