Arthur Review

By Megan Hoskins.

One of the movies that will make you laugh so hard you will bust a gut is the new movie Arthur, which is directed by Jason Winer. Arthur is about a lazy drunk (Russell Brand) who is also the heir of a large fortune, but this mother threatens to cut him off. Now keep in mind that Arthur has never worked a day in this life and he might have to get a job to survive. But Arthur’s mother gives him an ultimatum: if he marries Susan (Jennifer Garner) an impressive business woman, who could turn his life around. But after Arthur is forced into proposing to Susan he meets a girl that he loves, and could possibly love him back.

So Arthur tries to find ways to live without the money so he and Naomi (Greta Gerwig) can be together. And this movie is just the most gut wrenching movie of the month. You never expected what would come out of Russell Brand’s mouth; he brought his own pizzazz to the character. This movie will not disappoint it will keep you tuned in with its constant humor. So next time you want a romantic comedy check out this humorous and amazing movie. You can’t last through this whole movie without laughing.


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