Final Band Concert of the Year was a Success

By Heather Nale

The Salem High School concert held their annual spring band concert on Thursday, April 21, 2011 in the Salem Middle School gymnasium.  It is a tradition that the High School band performs with the eighth grade band to help inaugurate them into the High School band for the next year.

The band entered the gym wearing their concert attire and sat down in the center of the gym. There were columns placed around the musicians to add a more artsy touch. The band immediately played “Gray’s Harbor” written by Steve Hodges under the direction of Ms. Bonnie Harmon. After the band finished, Harmon walked to the microphone to introduce the staff and to thank everyone for coming.

The band launched into another tune by Robert Sheldon called “Choreography.” The band played it very well and with a lot of energy. The concert was held in the newer gym due to the Drama Club’s set that was built in the auditorium.

Ms. Harmon stepped up to the microphone to recognize senior band members. Seniors are Dale Thixton, Angel Wiseman, Josh Medlock and Frank Levering.  Thixton plays the alto saxophone, Medlock and Wiseman use their talents on the clarinet and Levering is a gifted flute player. Levering has not been able to attend seventh hour band class due to an internship.

“I’m going to miss the band a lot,” said Medlock. “My friends are here, and I love to play.”

The band played “Red Balloon,” a song that was written about a piece of artwork. Then the band played a medley of popular Star Wars music, which was a lot of fun for the audience.

Ms. Harmon introduced “Where the Black Hawk Soars,” a song dedicated to the United States Troops. It was a beautiful song and the students played it very well. The song had a beautiful trumpet solo, played by freshman Josh Worrall.

The group finished all their concert pieces and surprised the audience by playing “A La Lune,” a song that is being considered for next season’s marching show. “I liked “A La Lune,” said Katherine LaHue. “It had a fun circus vibe.” The song was from “Cirque Du Soleil.”

Harmon ended the concert by thanking everyone for coming in and supporting the arts.


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