Game On! 14

By Sara Abbott

Welcome to “Game On!” the column where I review one card each week on how strong it is, what kind of deck would this card work in, and the pros and cons of the card. Today I will review the 3rd and final Egyptian god card “Slifer the Sky Dragon”. I have heard, from an unconfirmed source, that “Slifer the Sky Dragon” will also be rereleased as a Shonen Jump promo card.

“Slifer the Sky Dragon” is a level 10 divine-attribute divine-beast-type monster with a couple of unique abilities. This card’s attack and defense points depend on how many cards you have in your hand times 1000, and, whenever your opponent summons a monster, that monster’s attack or defense points (your choice) are decreased by 2000. Plus that monster is destroyed if it’s attack or defense points are 0 after “Slifer the Sky Dragon”’s effect resolves.

This is quite a powerful effect, but, like the other 2 Egyptian god cards, “Slifer the Sky Dragon” can only be normal summoned by sacrificing 3 of your monsters. This is why it’s best for “Slifer the Sky Dragon” to be used in a “Strings” deck.

A “Strings” deck is a deck that is similar to the deck of the rare hunter Strings from the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime. This deck focuses on using a combo consisting of “Revival Jam”, “Jam Defender”, “Card of Safe Return”, and “Infinite Cards” to both protect “Slifer the Sky Dragon”’s attack and defense point plus protect it from your opponent’s attacks.

So, in conclusion, “Slifer the Sky Dragon” is a powerful card, however, you must beware of summoning it unprepared. That’s all for this week, see you next time here at “Game On!”.


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