Help Animals in Shelters for Free

Do you want to help animals in shelters? The most obvious way to help a shelter pet is obviously to adopt one, but not everyone can take in a pet. Although if you can, you should always choose to adopt a pet rather than buy from a breeder. The good news is, there are other ways to help shelter animals, and some of them are even free to you.

One amazingly easy way to help animals in shelters is to go to and click the big purple button. That’s all you have to do, and they will donate food to shelters. You can do this once every day, and it makes a huge difference.

The Animal Rescue Site also has an Facebook app where all you have to do is play games and they will donate money to shelters for every minute you play. They have 29 different games to play, many of them being arcade classics. They have raised more than $94,000 so far! This is one of  the easiest ways to help animals by having fun. If you want to play a game on Facebook, try playing a game with a cause. You can find the app here:

Another application on Facebook that can be used to help animals in shelters in Pet Pardons. Pet pardons lets you “advocate” for individual animals in shelters to take them off of death row. When you hit the advocate button, you let the shelter know that you think the animal deserves another chance before being put to sleep. This app has saved hundreds of cats and dogs all across America!  They also help by letting people know which animals are available in shelters so they can adopt them and keep them from being euthanized. You can also choose to foster the animal temporarily or offer to provide transportation for an adopter if you can not adopt. All you have to do to save an animal is go to a shelter cat’s or dog’s page and click the “advocate” button. A large percentage of these animals are saved. The app can be found at:

Did you think it could be so easy to save animals? These are just a small percentage of  websites and online applications that can help shelter animals for free. Doing a simple internet search can reveal several other sites and applications that you can use to improve the lives of animals. Of course, volunteer work and a donation of food, toys, blankets, and supplies or money never hurts. But if you want a super simple, incredibly easy way to help shelter animals, check out the sites and apps I posted above.


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