Hollen Reviews Orange Ribbon Celebration

By Amber Hollen

On Friday, April 29, ten SADD members traveled to Danville Indiana’s fairgrounds to an Orange Ribbon Celebration. Orange Ribbon is where SADD clubs of Indiana meet together and share ideas, workshops, and have a T-shirt swap. Craig Tourniquet, the comedian entertained the crowd for an hour doing the routine he always does for the freshman orientation. There was a celebration of the retirement of the founder of SADD, and the theme of this year was everyday super heroes meaning that everyday SADD students promote safe choices that can save lives.
“I had a lot of fun in the workshops,” Rebecca Rodgers says. “My favorite was the teen talk with Craig.” The thirty minute workshops were available to teach the teens about the dangers of texting and driving, and other dangerous decisions. The teens were allowed to try out a driving simulator and pretended to text while driving to show how it would affect your driving. Another activity was the quick click challenge. There is a truck with all four doors opened, and from each school there is a team of four people who want to participate. Each member runs to one seat, quickly buckles the seat belt, throws their hands in the air, and when the whistle blows they dart to the next seat to do it over. Each person buckles each seatbelt one time. Whichever team gets the fastest time wins.
Even if you weren’t physically participating in the activities, you had fun because everyone there gets involved. Everyone has fun and it is a good cause.


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