The Royal Wedding: A Waste of Time?

By: Paige DeNardi

The hype about the Royal Wedding has been everywhere, from magazines, to T.V. you name it. Everyone wanted to know what Kate was going to wear, who designed the dress, would she cry etc. With all this excitement I expected the wedding to be some earth shattering event…it wasn’t. Lasting on some programs for about 5 and a half hours, and on TLC all day long, the event was more of a nuisance than anything.
“I remember trying to look for delays the news,” says SHS Senior Zeb Ehringer. “All that was on was the stupid wedding, so I couldn’t even figure out if we had school.” Starting at approximately 5 in the morning, the wedding was quite the annoyance, all for a couple in England that doesn’t have one single thing to do with America.
Many people, as did I, thought the wedding was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. They saw visions of jewel covered horse drawn carriages, a princess in a giant ball gown, and they expected it to be the most romantic thing they’d ever seen in their lives. “I was sadly disappointed,” says SHS sophomore Nicole Clark . “The wedding was kind of boring, and her dress wasn’t as fantastic as they said it was going to be.” Indeed it wasn’t. In fact Kate Middleton’s dress was identical to that of Grace Kelley’s.
In all honesty, Royal Weddings are stupid. Yes, it’s great that the prince found love and all that, but well so did millions of other people and their weddings were more exciting. Maybe it had lasted less time it would have pulled in more viewers, and been just a tad more exciting. By the time they got to their first public kiss on the balcony, I expected them to pass out from exhaustion or something. All in all, it wasn’t worth the almost 20 years it took to watch.


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