Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Review #999999

By Sara Abbott

Welcome to “Game On!” the column where I review one card each week on how strong it is, what kind of deck would this card work in, and the pros and cons of the card. Today I will review the card “Destiny Board” “Destiny Board” is one of the many special ways to win a duel other than decreasing your opponent’s life points to 0. When this trap card is activated, during each of your standby phase, you add 1 of the different “Spirit Message” cards in alphabetical order from your hand or deck onto the spell/trap zone.
Although this is an easier way than lowering your opponent’s life points, “Destiny Board” can be also harder to win with. If “Destiny Board” is destroyed before all the “Spirit Message” cards are in play, then the “Spirit Message” cards already on the field are destroyed as well. Plus each card takes up a slot in the spell/trap zone, which means you can’t set any traps to stop your opponent from trying to destroy “Destiny Board”. Unique circumstances aside, it is best to play “Destiny Board” in an “occult” deck.
An “occult” deck is a deck that focuses on cards that focus on the supernatural like “The Headless Knight”, “Dark Necrofear”, “Ectoplasmer”, and “Malice Doll of Demise”. It’s also best to have a “Trap Master” in this deck, just to be safe.
So, in conclusion, although “Destiny Board” is 1 of many alternate ways to win a duel, it is best to have a plan before you try to play it. That’s all for this week, see you next time here at “Game On!”.


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