My List of 5 Most Depressing Songs

There are many depressing songs on this planet, because, honestly, life kind of sucks. Many musicians choose to channel this into their songs. I am compiling a countdown of the 5 songs I find most depressing.

5. Hungry for a Holiday- Bright Eyes

4. Bankrupt on Selling- Modest Mouse

4. It’s Cool, We Can Still Be Friends- Bright Eyes

3. Rotten Apples- Smashing Pumpkins

2. Waste of Paint- Bright Eyes

1. Mad World- Gary Jules

                So there’s my compilation of the 5 most depressing songs I know. What’s on your list of your 5 most depressing songs? Post it in the comments.

Lauren Voyles, Staff Writer


One response to “My List of 5 Most Depressing Songs

  • Lane Hewitt

    This is the kind of topic I can get into! I think “Mad World” is a good choice at #1. The most depressing song I can possibly think of is “Holocaust” by Big Star.

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