Sweeney Todd Draws Big Crowds

By Heather Nale

The Salem High School Drama Club had their largest crowd in years when they presented Sweeney Todd: The Melodrama on Saturday, May 7, Sunday, May 8 and Monday, May 9. The hilarious production drew in a large number of students, adults and people from other areas.

The cast and crew of eighteen students practiced for months perfecting their play. “It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun,” said Freshman Katherine LaHue, who played Minnie in the play.  “This was my first play where I got to put on a costume and actually be someone else.”

The costumes were that of a real melodrama. The outfits and makeup were extremely over the top. The girls had “Betty Boop lips,” huge hats or funny wigs. The girls had insanely rosy cheeks, fake, long eyelashes. Boys were not left out. Freshman Josh Worrall, who played Billy the abused orphan boy, used eyeliner and eye shadow to make large bruises on his face and black eyes. Senior Josh Medlock, who played the villain, Sweeney Todd, created a unibrow and several wrinkles to make him look more menacing.

The eccentric cast included: Freshmen, Alex Canello as the policeman, Kyle Medlock as Honorable Mister Chang, Mackenzie Johnson as Belle the Match Girl, Josh Worrall as Billy, Wade LaHue as Sailor Brooklyn Jake, and Katherine LaHue as Minnie. Sophomore actors were:  Natalie Boling as Mrs. Nobleworthy, Ben Dowen as Barnacle, Chuck Hedrick as Mr. Scruples, Heather Nale as Mrs. Meanly, and Lexus Hoskins as Lily. Junior Sakyia Smith played Widow Fairoak. Seniors were: Emiko Willison as Rose, Frank Levering as Sailor Tom, Angel Wiseman as Mrs. Lovett and Josh Medlock as Sweeney Todd. The crew was made up of freshmen Abby Miller and Connor Grigsby. The play was directed by Richard L. Trueblood and costumes were designed by Bonnie Harmon.

“There were a lot of people,” said Katherine. “I was extremely nervous. I had a great time and the whole cast did a fantastic job. I can’t wait for next year!” The play was a hilarious drama that brought the audience to their feet. It was a great show.


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