The Music Scene in Salem is Dead

By Brandon Smedley

I think we all can agree that we live in a town that doesn’t move well with the rest of America.  We always fall behind on the latest trends in clothing and, more especially, music.  Salem doesn’t really cater to everyone with it’s musical tastes.  Sure, I love the classics just as much as the next person, and I don’t care if you like the new pop music, but when that is all that you will hear, you get tired of it.  You are more likely to hear a new song from Lady Gaga, which would consist of the same incessant use of electronics with few to no real instruments, than you are a song from someone such as 5 Finger Death Punch or All That Remains.  Those two bands, along with countless other hard rock and metal groups, actually use real skill to create music.  I could sit and write lyrics that say the same thing in different ways three times and uses a computer to make the music no problem; that isn’t real music though and is just a phase.  Where is the variety?



What causes this problem?  It is hard to say.  In my opinion, it seems like we don’t really like to move on to new things that fast.  Case in point, I’m positive if you go to you a local bar or a party that has live music playing, you will hear nothing but covers and no original songs.  As a community, we like to stick to the norm and tend to push new ideals away.  There has got to be an untapped wealth of talent hear in Salem, but no one is willing to give these kids a shot.  I have several friends who are forced to travel to Louisville or even Cincinatti to do something they love (play music) and get it heard.

I’m not advocating we all go out and latch onto a hard rock or metal band and make that the best new thing in town.   There are countless other types of music we could get with.  Rather than sticking with the same old rhythms and beats you know from today’s pop, branch out.  If you take 10 minutes a day and listen to even just two different genres of music, you will pick up on so many new melodies and sounds that you won’t even know where to go next.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is variety out there, pick up on it sometime.

Lets move along Salem.  Lets get away from the country songs that are played constantly (thanks to 103.1, I seem to have dozens of country songs stuck in my head), or the classic rock covers in the backyard parties, or the new pop music from some dime-a-dozen singer who will be here today and gone tomorrow, and check out some more of our local talent.  Wouldn’t you like to support your friend’s talents and goals?


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