Adkins Has High Hopes for 2011 School Year

There is a new face in Salem High School’s English department. That face belongs to Mr. Adkins, a graduate of Salem and a first year teacher. He can be found in Mrs. Quatroke’s former room teaching English to sophomores and freshmen.

Mr. Atkins loves his choice to become an English teacher, but that wasn’t always his plan. About halfway through college he switched his pursuits from teaching English to Journalism. He realized soon after that teaching English was his dream job. “After reading and writing a lot, I decided to be a teacher for sure,” says Atkins.

Mr. Adkins is very satisfied with his students. “Oh, they’re good. I couldn’t have asked for better students in all of my classes. I got lucky.”

He was inspired by many of his teachers in his years of attending SHS. “I liked Mr. Calhoun because he challenged me. He pushed me to do my best.” Some other teachers that really stood out to him are Mrs. Prater, Mrs. Allen, and Mrs. Gardener. The teachers he has encountered in his life have developed what kind of teacher he wants to be.

One teaching method he is trying to relate to his students. he tries to relate English techniques with modern things and pop culture.“I had them do a project where they watched their favorite TV show and found the plot and theme.”

Adkins has high expectations for his first year.  “I’ll do the best I can to make sure my sophomores pass the ECA. I want to make them better learners.”


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