Getting to know new Coach Mo

by Anna Katherine LaHue


Salem football Coach Myron Moriarty is here in Salem to build a respectful football team. Coach Mo has taught and coached many schools to victories and championships.

“I want to build a respectful program.” Mo says. The last couple of football seasons have not been the best for the Salem Lions, but the varsity team has already pulled victories out of their season. Money has been a big issue for Salem. It has been a very big controversy issue among citizens. The Town Crier has exploded with comments about the new coach and money spent on the team.  “Money that is spent on athletics is raised through ticket gates. It’s not necessarily money that has been given to them through the schools board. It’s who comes out to see the game.”

Regarding the arts programs Moriarty said, “I think everybody should have an opportunity rather its music, art, or drama. Everybody needs an outlet, something they enjoy doing.” Extracurricular actives help students get into college.  Mo thinks that every student should be involved in something because that’s what gets students into college.

“I had a player  go to Princeton; graduate from Princeton, the Ivey League is a very strong academic league. I was talking to someone who worked there and asked how do you determine if someone gets in? All have a great grades and test scores, but what decides whether or not they get in is what they have done extracurricular.”  Coach Mo strongly agrees with doing things after school and getting involved.

Who really is Coach Mo? Myron Moriarty is a lover of nature. He and his wife are currently building a home in Salem and has nine acres of “Free wildlife that no one else will touch.” He loves going outside with his wife and dogs. He enjoys hiking and camping, and just being in nature.  He plans on this being his last coaching job, but continuing to live in Salem with his wife. Salem is much like the first school he taught at, because it is relatively small and rural area. They really enjoy living in country areas.


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