South Park Premeire Tonight at 10

The animated comedy South Park is premiering the second half of its 15th season tonight, October 5th. The mid-season finale left fans hanging. They were unsure if there would even be anymore South Park. The show ended with Stan’s friends saying he’s a “bummer to be around” and his parents got a divorce. Stan’s mother said “It’s like, the same [stuff] just happens over and over and then in a week it just all resets until it happens again. Every week it’s kind of the same story in a different way, but it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous,” to Stan’s father . Many fans saw this as the creators’ statement about the show itself. In a recent interview in Entertainment Weekly regarding the new season, Matt Stone and Trey Sparker (the creators) said that they were, in fact, contemplating the end of the show, but they are no longer tired of making the series. Besides, they have a contract with Comedy Central until 2013. No one really knows what is going happen in tonight’s episode, besides a very brief clip of some content of the show. Fans are highly anticipating the episode after the mid-season finale that introduced a lot of possible changes to the show. The fans may get the answers to their questions tonight. As a big fan of the show, I will definitely be sitting down with some Cheesy Poofs (Limited edition South Park brand Cheeto’s, basically) and watching the season premiere tonight at 10 pm. *Warning to those not familiar to the show: South Park is not intended for those who are easily offended. The episodes are often controversial and take a certain sense of humor


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