Southern Hills adds excitement after the game with fifth quarter

by Jessica Axsom


It’s a Friday night and the chill of the autumn breeze nips at your cheeks. The roar of the crowd, cheering on the players that are only recognizable by the numbers painted on the back of their grass-stained jerseys, is all you hear. Only minutes are left in the final quarter when a thought comes to mind, what am I going to do after the football game? Well, here’s an answer to your question. Come to 5th Quarter at Southern Hills Church.

5th Quarter is a post-game event geared towards giving middle and high school kids a safe and positive environment to hang out with friends and meet new people. 5th Quarter offers a wide variety of activities to participate in, like cornhole, basketball, and even sitting on the back of a tailgate parked next to a bonfire. There is usually a social mixer to encourage other to get to know one another and a short devotional. Pizza, drinks, and desserts are also provided for free. The event starts directly after all home football games and end at midnight.

September 30th and October 14th are the last 5th Quarter dates for this school year. The location is at Southern Hills Church at 1645 S State Road 135.


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