Why the “Wowzer Trousers” are Superior to the Snuggie

Everyone has heard of the Snuggie. It is the infamous blanket with sleeves with sleeves with an incredibly lame commercial. They received much backlash from the public because many thought it was a dumb idea. In my opinion, it is a $20 robe.

After seeing more and more ridiculous modifications about the Snuggie, I decided it was time to tell the world about my invention: the “Wowzer Trousers”. It was originally made as an 8th grade project to parody the Snuggie, but I soon discovered how soft and comfy it is. It is a blanket not only with sleeves… but leg openings too! Its arms are not a traditional sleeve, but a loose opening in the side of the trousers for full mobility. It fits all sizes. It comfortably fit a family of four.  And it is such an attractive teal color.

When people see you in this wearable blanket, they’ll say “Wowzers! Look at those trousers!” That in itself is reason enough to wear the Wowzer Trousers, but that is certainly not all they offer. It is so large you can use it as a sleeping bag… for a horse. It could also be used as a child’s tent. Below there are pictures to show how versatile it is and some of the wonderful things you can do with it.

After hearing about the Wowzer Trousers, there’s no way you’d want a lame old Snuggie! I would tell you to order one now, but they are not for sale. I only made one Wowzer Trousers and only one will ever be made. Try to contain your weeping.

The full size of the lovely Wowzer Trousers

Perfect for pets of all sizes!

Do things you can’t do with a regular blanket: like reading a book!


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