Hall explains the consequences of sexual misconduct at SHS convocation

by Paige DeNardi


The issue of sexual misconduct has become a big one over the past few years. More and more teenagers, not only girls but boys also, have become victims of rape and sexual harassment. Salem High School had the privilege of hearing guest speaker Terry Hall talk about what rape and sexual harassment actually are, and how we can prevent ourselves from falling into some things we shouldn’t, and being permanently marked as a sex offender for the rest of our lives.

1.      Don’t send inappropriate photos of yourself to anyone. Even if you think you love someone now, things could change between the two of you. Then, they may decide they want to get back at you, and send that photo out to everyone they know. Not only will they be in serious trouble, like being known as a sex offender and “doing time” kind of trouble, but you could get in some trouble yourself. You could potentially be charged with spreading child pornography, and do time yourself.

2.      Inappropriate touching of any kind shouldn’t be tolerated. As Terry Hall said, many people in High School, boys especially, think it’s funny to kick, touch, (whatever it may be) their friends in places they shouldn’t. If your friend, or their parent perhaps decides they don’t like the way you’re touching them, they can charge you with sexual harassment, and you could be in some serious trouble.

3.       Passing on inappropriate photos you receive from someone else is just as bad as taking/sending them yourself. If you receive an inappropriate photo from someone else, and you press send to send the picture to other people, you could be charged with sending out child pornography to all those people you sent it to, even if you didn’t really realize what you were doing. It’s best just to take the information straight to a trusted adult, school counselor, or the police and get it stopped before even more people get into trouble.


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