Kellum takes over FACS class at SHS

by Allie Taylor


“My life is very stressful. I am a newlywed and that’s also stressful,” Miranda Kellum, FACS teacher of Salem High School confesses. “I got married during the week of my finals, and continued with new classes online on my Honeymoon. Good thing my husband is very understanding.” Kellum was a very dedicated student in school and still is a very dedicated person with whatever she proceeds to do in her life.

“Umm… When I was in school I looked up to all my nice teachers like they were my role models. They were my biggest influences.”  Kellum currently resides in Corydon and is new to Salem High School this year. “I like to come off as in my own way perfect, if that makes any sense. My biggest weakness is being disorganized, (motions to desk) this kills me!”

Originally majoring in Psychology, Kellum decided to change her pathway and continue through Education and Teaching. “I still want to accomplish my master’s degree.” Kellum describes herself as a “busy but controlled” person. “Discipline is the most important thing in my classroom, so we all know what is expected. Then I introduce all my methods, then plan out and finally evaluate.”

Kellum previously taught a Social Studies class at North Harrison, but after moving here she played up her interests a little. “High school is hard. It is definitely much harder to get into.” When students do not meet the deadline she admits that “they’ll eventually get it, they didn’t turn it in. It’s not on me and it will just teach them responsibility.” “I expect my students to have a ready response, that’s how I can tell that they are good listeners.”


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