NHS dance raises money for Happily Ever After Program

by Makalli Quick


The National Honor Society (NHS) hosted a dance on Friday, October 14th in hopes of raising money for the Happily Ever After Program (HEAP).

“It hasn’t really been that long since we’ve had a dance. Maybe since 2008, but the kids decided that we should have one. They thought it’d be a fun and good way to raise money,” said Lisa Gardener, NHS Sponsor.

“ A portion of the money that’s coming from the tickets is going to HEAP (Happily Ever After Program). This is a program that helps kids learn to read. The other half will be put towards the National Honor Society,” said Gardener .

“I don’t know how many people are going to come, I guess it all depends on what kind of mood the kids are in,” said Gardener. But the turnout for the dance was larger than most people thought. There were a lot of people there. “Yeah, a lot of people left after about an hour of being there. It was a pretty slow moving dance, but the music was good,” said Samantha Potts, freshman.


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