Jealousy: How much does it really affect your life?

Jealously n.; pl. Unpleasant suspicion or ill feeling arising from distrust of another; Suspicion of faithfulness of one’s husband, wife, or lover.

Jealously. We all feel this green emotion and some even go as far as to let it destroy a relationship. People in general are very jealous creatures. So I began to wonder what decides whether the emotion is jealously or a gut feeling. When does jealously turn into reality?

When a significant other spends more time on something less important than one would view themselves, what is to be done? In high school couples have no authority over each other. It will either work or it won’t. With my crowd, the problem has seemed to always lie in the imaginary card games. When he spends more time playing Yu-Gi-Yo one would easily become jealous of the game. In regard to her Yu-Gi-Yo playing ex, my friend Heather said, “I felt mad. I felt like I was more important than Magic Tree Dragons.” This is a tender situation between doing what one enjoys and spending time with a real person. So girls want a mature relationship in high school. What most girls don’t understand is that most boys aren’t mature enough yet for a long lasting relationship. I have never experienced being jealous of an inanimate object, but it happens. What do you do when he is more absorbed by video games, or sports? I think the only reasonable answer is to ask him if he will balance his time more wisely, and if he declines then move along. Don’t let yourself feel demoted or unimportant. Stand up for yourself and move on to someone who will give you the care and attention girls need.

My kind of jealousy is of other girls. I am not the skinny model type. I feel lucky to have my boyfriend, so when he talks to other girls I get very irritated. This is a huge problem. I know he doesn’t mean anything, but there is always a voice in my head saying, “See how pretty she is? Doesn’t he deserve someone like that?” I know it’s not true and that he truly cares for me, so I try to push it away and forget about it. I have confidence when it comes to school work or standing up for something I believe in, but I am the most insecure person when it comes to relationships. I think this is why high school girls are so jealous. The only solution is to ignore it and in the end if he chooses someone else, then you know it wasn’t real. If it was real, then he would never stray. I also think that fights over guys are ridiculous. I mean, come on is any guy really worth getting kicked out of school for? Will he really take you back after you have “Kicked her butt”. The answer is no. It is in no way shape or form ever worth it.

Jealously is a normal emotion and everyone will feel it, but controlling it is the key element in a relationship and in life. There will always be someone you will be jealous of, but the solution is to be rational. Think is it really worth it? Will it matter in fifty years? Sometimes we have to look past the present. It may seem important at that moment, but in all reality,  it probably isn’t.

Written by: Anna Katherine LaHue


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