Paranormal Activity 3 fails to scare me!

by Rachel Smith


After sitting down on the red theater seat at Great Escape Theater in New Albany with my bag of extra-buttery popcorn and three boxes of Wonka’s Kazoozles, I was excited for the third installment of the Paranormal Activity movies to begin. My anticipation built as the beginning credits roll, but I was soon disappointed with the poor quality of the film.

Granted, the movie is supposed to look like a series of home videos, shot by two sisters’ acting father, but the midget-sized budget for the movie made it the worst Paranormal Activity movie to date.

The story is set in 1988, and is the story of two young sisters, Katie, played by Chloe Csengery, and Kristi Rey, played by Jessica Tyler Brown, who befriend an invisible entity that resides in their home. They become so close to the entity that they even name him Toby. The film is shot from the point of view of their acting father, who placed cameras throughout the house to capture any strange behavior.  The girls’ imaginary friend starts to cause mischief in the house, starting with an earthquake, and proceeding to the infamous “Bloody Mary” chant in an unlit bathroom where he makes his first physical appearance in the mirror, but the girls don’t see him.

Horror movie sequels are never really impressive, especially in the shadow of their predecessors, but Paranormal Activity 3 wins the award for worst horror movie sequel.  Not only is the acting terrible, but the plot has nothing to do with the previous two movies.

If you haven’t seen Paranormal Activity 3, don’t bother. Don’t waste $8 at the movie theater; the only thing I paid for that was worth the money was the three boxes of Kazoozles.


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