Coach Mo sees team progress in first year at SHS

“Strength is our biggest weakness this year. It puts us at a disadvantage, but this is what our team as a whole is building this year,” states Coach Myron Moriarity. Coach “Mo” is coaching the Salem High School Lions for the first time this year and is striving towards making out school a much “stronger, and together” team.

How did a renowned football coach like Moriarty wind up in Southern Indiana?   When Salem athletic director Randy Johnson informed Coach Mo of  the position at the school, he and his wife “jumped all over it.” “Salem was just that place.  We always wanted to live in a rural environment, and here was it.”

There were many more injuries happening on the field this school year than any other. “For the most part our team is pretty healthy. All the injuries surprised us by coming all at one time,” Coach Mo remarked. “Coaching at every school is different. You have different players with different abilities, and you have to learn them.”

Coach Mo believes that the upcoming school year will “be the one I am looking for” when it comes to being what we need. “This year everything is getting better, it’s all worth it.”

Written by : Allie Taylor


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