Looking for a good read? Try “Perfect”

Have the need for a new and original book? Maybe a book with a unique way of writing? Then I know the perfect book for you; it’s Perfect by Ellen Hopkins.

Perfect takes you on a journey through the lives of four teenagers, all striving to be perfect. Cara is never smart enough, never has what her parents want. Kendra wants to do things, but in her mind, she will never have the perfect body no matter how many surgeries she has to do or pills she has to take. Sean is your typical jock with the perfect girlfriend (or so he thinks) that can never be strong enough, even with steroids. Andre will never live up to his father’s expectations; he will never be that son his father always wanted.

I would have to recommend that before reading this book you would read Impulse. Impulse is another book by Ellen Hopkins. She has a lot of the same characters intertwine.

This book is the people who have ever wanted to be the best be the prettiest be the smartest, or get out of your family’s shadow. This book is for anyone that has or has had the desire to be perfect.

Written by: Caitlin Campbell


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