“Breaking Dawn Pt. 1” breaks Nale’s expectations

by Heather Nale

I’d pick the magical world of Harry Potter over the rainy, dull town of Forks, Washington any day, but I went to see the fourth installment of the “Twilight” saga on the second day it was released in theaters. Sure, I was one of those vampire obsessed eighth-graders, swooning over the ripped Jacob Black, but my tastes changed when I entered high school. Nevertheless, I felt I should give the movie a chance.

I had small expectations. I found Edward (Robert Pattinson) to be ugly. I didn’t enjoy the damsel in distress that Bella (Kristen Stewart) portrays. I wasn’t a fan of the fake, computer generated werewolves. The movie start with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) receiving the startling news that Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are getting married. Jacob runs outside and tears off his shirt, definitely not a bad beginning.

The fun Cullen sister, Alice (Ashley Greene), decorates the wedding venue and encourages the simple human bride to embrace her girly, over the top side. Everyone seems to be happy and loves the idea of the wedding, except Jacob, who is still in love with Bella. Jacob informs the members of his pack about the wedding, and the wolves decide they can’t really do anything to stop the wedding.

Bella walks down the aisle, looking like a complete idiot. Her mouth is open and she shuffled. The whole time I silently screamed for her to close her mouth. There had to be someone in the audience taking pictures! Edward, being the romantic guy he is, takes Bella into the woods and surprises her with a small visit from Jacob. What a sweet guy, rubbing it in his enemy’s face that he got the girl.

Edward and Bella are rushed off to a secluded island for their honeymoon, which is very honeymoon-y. Everything goes great until Bella starts feeling sick and throwing up. The Italian maid curses Edward, saying the only way to save the new bride is to kill her. The couple rushes home, and they have to lie to friends.

Long story short, the impossible happens, Bella is pregnant. Nobody knows why. Jacob finds out. Jacob tells other wolves. The wolves decide this is a reason to attack. The Cullens now have to protect Bella and the unknown “baby” inside her. Bella goes into labor. Edward delivers the baby, via C-section, which is practically a toddler. The baby was adorable, just not a newborn. Bella loses a ton of blood, and Edward decides to turn her into a vampire. He bites her neck and nothing happens. So, being completely rational, decides to bite the rest of her body, her knees, forearms, shoulders, chest, shins, feet.

Jacob lays eyes on the baby, named Renesme, and immediately imprints. The wolves now cannot hurt the baby. Convenient, right?

Overall, I am still a Harry Potter fan, but the movie definitely exceeded my zero expectations. Edward looked less pale and nasty, Bella had a bit more color. Sure the movie was cheesy and predictable. But, this was the best movie in the series and I am almost excited for part two to come out.


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