Teens and Drugs: An Epidemic Across America

by Jessica Fleenor


More than 1 million teens try drugs every month. Day after day, teens are pressured into trying illegal substances. Drugs are taking control of their lives.

We believe drugs are dangerous. Teens should stay away from drugs; nothing good comes from them.  If you want a life of barely passing by, not having a job, and a very unattractive face, be my guest and try them.  Ask yourself this, “What will drugs ever do for you?”  Nothing should be your answer.

If you are ever offered drugs say NO! Reject them, don’t even try them once. We know for a fact that once a teen tries a drug they’re more likely to try it again. We are trying to keep teens away, not get them to come back for more.  Besides, wouldn’t you like to have a future you’ve dreamed of? We know we would.

We’ve seen the many effects of drugs and what it does to the human body. Your brain would be worth no more than a pile of goo. Many drug users hurt themselves or somebody else. Being on drugs and the high you feel can cause the most ignorant actions anyone could pull off.

A lot of drug users use drugs because they’re either addictive, depressed, or have nothing else to do. They have programs for these things. Why waste a little of your life on something you’re going to regret later? You’re always going to live with that mistake if you keep abusing drugs.

By now everyone should know to stay away from drugs. They’re not cool; they will never make you cool. Always remember: it’s not smart to start.


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