Beauty and the Beast 3D keeps the Disney magic alive

by Heather Nale

What child didn’t grow up being completely enthralled by Disney films? Boys learning about super strength and doing whatever they can, girls developing unreal expectations about hair and men? But, unfortunately, Disney has lost its spark. The movies and shows that they’re producing are less than satisfactory. Disney is doing all that it can to get viewers back, including bringing back the classics: completely restored and in 3D.
The latest movie to make its second debut on the big screen in three-dimensions is the wonderful tale of “Beauty of and the Beast.” Everyone knows the tear jerking story. A handsome prince doesn’t know how to treat others and mistreats a witch in disguise as a beggar. The prince gets turned into a hideous beast; the only way to break the tragic spell is to get a girl to fall in love with the man behind the furry, scary, evil, nasty, ugly beast. The girl that the most attractive man in town wants, falls in love with this ferocious beast, who desperately needs some anger-management classes. And boom! It’s true love! The beast turns back into a prince at the very last second after defeating the villain. The couple lives happily ever after and all that.
I’m pretty picky about my Disney movies. I still watch them on VHS when I get bored and one does NOT mess with a classic Disney movie. Disney released “Toy Story 3” in 3D and later restored “The Lion King.” I was eager to see both of those movies. “Beauty and the Beast” is my all time second Disney movie (first being “The Lion King”) but it was definitely my favorite in 3D. It definitely had the most effects out of the three movies. I loved the way the silverware popped out as they danced to “Be Our Guest” and the beautiful ball room scene between Belle and the Beast.
Overall, I think bringing the movies back in 3D is a neat thing. Next, the fishy tale “Finding Nemo” will be hitting theaters and I can’t wait to see what that brings!


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