SHS Drama Club presents The Giver

by Shana Wireman

Last Saturday, January 14th through Monday, January 16th, the play “The Giver” was presented by the Salem HS drama club, directed by Mr. Trueblood. The play is a serious/drama story “reminding me of the Twilight Zone show,” Mr. Trueblood told me.
The play is based in a small community where everything is perfect. There are no pain, feelings, war, or disease. Everybody has to be perfect also and if not then you get the lethal injection.
Chief elder (Claire Shelby) gives speeches to the eleven year olds. Jonas (Kyle Medlock) just turned twelve and is the boy that plays the main actor. He has two best friends that are also twelve: Asher (Josh Worrall) who is clumsy and careless, but a good humored boy, and Fiona (Kelsey Price) who is a sensitive girl that Jonas likes. Since they are twelve they get their lifelong job assigned to them now. This causes them to lose touch with each other. Jonas got assigned to be the next receiver who controls all the past memories from before when they were not perfect. He has to be taught by the giver (Chuck Hedrick) who is in control of the memories now. Jonas has a mother (Katherine LaHue) who is responsible for upholding the rules in the community, father (Phillip Applegate) he takes care of the newly born and a little talkative sister Lily (Sidney Calhoun).
As the play goes on, Jonas learns about how they kill people by lethal injection and how everything is actually really wrong now instead of before. He learns about emotion, love, trees, snow, war, and colors. So he wants to let everybody see and feel these things. Jonas and the Giver make a plan to fake Jonas’ death so he can leave his community and when he does it will send all of his memories to everybody else. As soon as he is about make the great escape and finds out that Gabriel, the little baby his parents have been watching, is going to get the lethal injection. He takes the baby with him and tries to bike ride out of the community. Weeks later he is till bike riding away and is about to starve to death, so he tries to remember the good memories he learned. It’s snowing now and he sees a hill that he remembers from one of his memories and goes up the hill and sees the sled just like his memory. Gabriel and Jonas sit on it and sled down the hill hoping the bottom there will be civilization that accepts him with open arms.
This fabulous play wouldn’t have been done without the helping crew. Sound controls were done by Christian Bowling and Steven Morgan. Lighting was done by Austin Luckett, Steven Morgan, and Ben Strange. The paintings were by Logan Thompson.
The next play will be in Spring in the first weekend in May. They will be holding auditions in mid March if you would like to try out.


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