The Vow makes you cry…and cry…and cry.

by Paige DeNardi

In the romantic tale of love found and lost again, Channing Tatum stars as Leo and Rachel McAdams is his beloved wife Paige who sustains serious brain injuries in a car accident and forgets everything about her life since she met her husband. Now she feels the need to reestablish her relationship with her mother Rita (Jessica Lange) and her father (Bill Thornton). Once she does this, she starts to have feelings for her ex- fiancé Jeremy (Scott Speedman) as she can’t remember why they broke up. Now Leo sets out to save their marriage before he loses the love of his life forever.
Personally, I loved this movie. Tatum and McAdams have amazing chemistry together and make you truly believe they are in love. Because of this amazing acting, I guarantee you, if you have a heart that is, that you will cry at least ten or twelve times… in the first twenty minutes. With all the memory loss, falling in love, falling out of love, lying, and sadness, you come out an emotional wreck, but it’s worth it.
There are also plot lines within the plot lines that leave you staring at the screen yelling, “Come on Paige! Just realize the truth and go back to Leo!” I won’t spoil them, but there is a deception in her family that made her walk away from them when she married Leo. Now, she starts to realize it again, and she’s mortified. Like I said, amazing.

I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. There were even a few men in the theatre that were crying and enjoying the movie. It’s a less cheesy love story about a man that actually cares for his woman! Some people could learn from this.


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