The Butterfly Project

by Caitlin Campbell

Writing or doodling on teens’ bodies has been around for a while.  For some people it is a way to doodle, expressing their self, remembering homework, and things like the butterfly project.

For Elizabeth (Lizz) Conley, it is a way of expressing herself and her art. She not only writes on herself, but on other people as well. One person that she writes on quite frequently is Miranda Palmer. When asked, Palmer said, “I really don’t care. I think it looks cool.”

Some people, like Cyrena Jones write on their hand what homework they have, but for the most part people write a lot of people write on themselves out of boredom. Like Tossie Kinnaman, “It’s just something to do”, said Kinnaman, “I like the way it looks.”

But for others, like Rachel Smith and I, We wrote/write on ourselves for inspiration. For Rachel, she would write inspirational quotes on her arms to “get her through the day”. For me, I am doing the butterfly project. The butterfly project is where you draw butterflies on yourself and name them after people you care about. This is a project for people who self-harm. The people who created the project said that if you cut with the butterflies on yourself, you kill a little bit of the people that the butterflies are named for. For me and others, it works, but for some it doesn’t. If you or a friend, anyone you know, self-harms, give it a try. Whether it works of not, it is always worth a try.


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