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“Wings” Trilogy By Apirlynne Pike is Ready For Take-Off

By Brittany Campbell

The “Wings” trilogy, by Aprilynne Pike, is an enthralling book series that is dominated by suspenseful romance, ethereal faerie magic, and intriguing twists to historical and mythological events. “Wings” is the first book in the trilogy, followed by “Spells” and then “Illusions”. The series, having been ranked # 90 in Top Teen Reads for 2011 is the first book series written by Pike and has now made her a notable author of young adult literature.

Throughout the series, readers follow a seemingly normal high school girl named Laurel Sewell during her life at Del Notre High in Crescent City, and also among other places like the mystical world of Avalon. As a group of four, Laurel and her friends must complete Laurel’s mission with her as she faces destiny. The existences of two completely opposite worlds collides into a magical adventure that will engulf the reader deeper into this imaginary world with every chapter. Never is there a dull moment, and the books are full of twists and surprises. Will Laurel decide to follow her mission, or decide that she is the maker of her own destiny?

The book series is available for both the Nook and the Kindle, and print copies can be purchased off of Amazon online. This book is definitely worth the read, and will not fail to disappoint anyone who likes fantasy or supernatural plots. By the end, readers will be in agony over the anticipation of Pike’s fourth book in the series.


Sparks the Rescue’s album has to be one of “The Worst Things I’ve been Cursed With,” because it’s so Addictive

With the newest release of  Worst Thing I’ve been Cursed With  Pop-Punk band Sparks the Rescue exceptionally display their talents, finally making headway into Fearless Records music industry. This underdog band has got the ball in their court for this year, or rather- they have one heck of a singer at the microphone.


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Why not take a risk, and go “Barefoot,” at Actors?

By Brittany Campbell
If you’re full of life, like actress Jane Pfitsch then you will most likely enjoy one of the newest productions at actors theater in Louisville called, “Barefoot in the Park.” The play stars Pfitsch herself as Corie Bratter a newly wed to rising lawyer Paul Bratter (played by Lee Aaron Rosen). Having yet to adjust to married life, the couple start facing many emotional and financial difficulties on every front except the honey moon, where both of the characters seem to fit in quite well. As a romantic comedy, the play was only entertaining because the theater cast some exceptionally good actors in the play, people that knew what they were doing and not the fresh meat. The script itself as a play could have easily failed because it had hardly any substance in the plot. But, luckily the actors were well accomplished and able to pull the play off without boring the audience with many monologues in the same tone.
For example the actor of Paul Bratter, Mr. Rosen has had roles in the films “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Company K,” pair that with Peggy J. Scott who played Corie’s mother Ethyl in “Barefoot,” that has been in cinema productions such as “Finding Amanda,” “Serial,” “Pedalfoot,” and a Broadway production of “Is He Dead?” you give “Barefoot in the Park,” a chance for some pretty sophisticated acting. Another dynamic actor in “Barefoot,” was the brutal V Craig Heidnreich. The evidence behind this man’s awesomeness lies in Actor’s plays of the past, where Heidnreich played the very first Dracula in the play based off of Stoker’s classic. So, the reason he is dynamic is because Dracula is one of the best plays to be performed at Actors, or anywhere for that matter.
To end this review, “Barefoot,” as a whole was an excellent play, with an exceptional cast. If given the chance, I highly recommend going to see this play the next time it is preformed at Actors again, or wherever you may be. By looking at the program handout or glancing at the play on a first impression, “Barefoot,” may not seem worth your while, but I can guarantee that it is full of good laughs and funny jokes, some adult humor, and a delightfully tacky 70’s wardrobe to complete the whole concoction.

Holiday Travelers Receive a Special “Touch.”

By Brittany Campbell

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is undoubtedly facing criticism for its “holiday handling.” Should people have the right to say when enough is enough if the situation is concerning the well-being of thousands? U.S citizens have had quite a qualm with the installation the new full body scanners and “enhanced” pat-downs added to the security system in 70 of 450 of the nation’s airports.

Travelers have the option to opt out of the full body scanner, but then they must go through the timed art of “gate-rape,” otherwise known as the “enhanced” pat-down, by a TSA security member. Gate-Rape consists of a TSA member probing around in “certain,” body areas such as the groin, chest, and rear-end. While travelers have the right to be patted down in a private room, they are still forced to submit to the hands in a pat-down if they trigger an alarm or refuse to go through a full body scanner. Many have claimed that the new system consists of “groping people in the name of safety.” John Pistole, chief of TSA, states that airline travel is a “privilege,” and that for now, “nothing will change.”

The full body scanners being placed in airports around the nation create a blurry image of an unknown person “in the nude.” Pistole has also made it clear that the scanner doesn’t come in contact with the future traveler, and also that the TSA member looking at the nude image presented doesn’t come in contact with the traveler because the traveler’s facial features are distorted. So don’t worry, the TSA member won’t see your face, but they will see every other naked crevice and curve of your unshielded body. But, again you can opt out of the scanner for a “mildly” invasive pat-down.

There have been many complaints and incidences that have come along since the installation of both devices. Dealing specifically with the pat-down, one woman was asked to remove a breast implantation after a fight with breast cancer, and another man was patted down so severely that it caused his urostomy bag to burst, after the TSA member failed to heed his warnings. Both of these incidents could have been avoided, and there have been statements made about adjusting the new system and working out a few bugs. For now U.S citizens must deal with the upcoming changes, and wait until there is yet, further “improvement,” toward our airline security system.

Annual SADD “Meet in the Middle” comes to SHS

When you think about a S.A.D.D conference, you probably think about sitting around a table and discussing endless topics all revolving around the issue, students against destructive decisions. In a way, you are kind of right but in other ways, you are extremely wrong. The Meet in the Middle S.A.D.D conference that was held on November 4th, students from four different schools came to Salem High School to compare what their S.A.D.D chapter does to raise awareness, any new ideas that they might have, and some of the upcoming campaigns that the Nation S.A.D.D organization has planned.

Students that were lucky enough to attend the conference were able to meet other dedicated S.A.D.D members and come up with new ideas for fundraisers and ways to inform other students about the decisions that they make and how it could potentially affect their lives.  A major topic this year is one that everyone should be more informed on, not just people under the age of 18, texting while driving. Texting and other distractions while driving have become the number one cause of fatal accidents, replacing driving while under the influence.

The meeting was more than just business though. The S.A.D.D members and other students in the B lunch had to chance to drive the “Cruisin’ Cooler,” a motorized cooler that had a S.A.D.D logo on the side of it. Meeting other students and hearing the reasons that they are involved with S.A.D.D gave Salem’s chapter chance to share our reasons for being a part of this organization and some new ideas for the remaining school year. You never know what S.A.D.D’s next decision will be.

By: Jessica Axsom, Staff Writer

Montgomery Farms offers thrills for the season

Montgomery Farms is one of the most common places people visit between September 7th to October 31st. It is located in Underwood, Indiana 1122 Radio Tower Road. There are 7-8 activities ranging between $1-$1o per activity. People come for the hayrides through the woods, the day time corn maze, the playground for the kids, the cow train ride, the cob cannons, the new pumpkin launcher, but most of all, the haunted corn maze.

The Haunted Corn Maze is filled with screams, and cold chills that every step you take you begin to think, “Am I going the right way?” As the haunters jump out at you with chainsaws and baseball bats, you just want to close your eyes and hide. Clowns with horns give you the goose bumps. They want to make you cry. The haunted hay ride is filled with haunted spirits and insane wood land creatures too.

They are opened on Monday-Thursday: 10:00am-6:00pm, Friday-Saturday: 10:00am-12:00am, and Sunday: 11:00am-5:00pm. There are also free activities as well, the hayride to the pumpkin patch, public bonfires, petting zoo, goat climb, loft swings, and exploration center. There is also the Barn Shop filled with decorative things for Halloween including a new corner for Christmas things and ideas. There are also discounts for activities: 3 activities: $2 off/ person, and 4 or more activities: $3 off/ person.

For more info you can e-mail them at or can call them at 1-812-752-2300.

Written by: Samantha Blevins, Staff Writer

Rhino’s–a great place to enjoy music, friends

Rhino’s All Ages Club is a music venue in Bloomington, Indiana that has a lot to offer. As a former Bloomington resident, I have been there many times. It is one of my favorite places.

Rhino’s was started in 1992 by Harmony (Private school in Bloomington) students and ran by Bloomington teenagers. It was created to bring knowledge of music and art to surrounding teens. It has been a safe a place from day one.

Parents try to fight with their teenagers about going. They say things like, “It’s a CLUB, you are not going, and you are a child. Drugs! Alcohol! You’re going to get hurt in the pits.” Parents shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Rhino’s prides its self with being a safe place for teenagers to hang out. They are strongly against drugs, alcohol, fighting, and other harmful conduct. And they have a list of rules on the wall to prove it.

As a place of art and music, Rhino’s has local and signed bands playing there almost weekly. Local bands playing there are thankful. Their name is spread throughout Indiana thus bringing in money and fans.  Signed bands play there on fairly common occasions. Hawthorne Heights played there October 15th, bringing in multiple fans and selling threads of merchandise.

The genre of music played at Rhino’s ranges from Indie to Hardcore and everything in between. The most common music played there is hardcore because Bloomington teenagers have a need to mosh and dance. You can go to Rhino’s, arriving to listen to a new local band and leaving there with a new favorite band. You would be surprised with what you can find there.

October 30th, Rhino’s is having a Halloween Horrorshow performance, including Pariah, Ghost of Maine, and Locus Amoenus. It starts at 8 p.m. and costs $5 to get it. The show is expected to last for about three hours, from 8-11 p.m.

If you love music and art, Rhino’s is the place for you. Even though the scene is run down and relaxed, the love behind it is strong and growing. Rhino’s is the place to hang in Southern Indiana.

The crowd enjoys a recent performance at Rhino's in Bloomington. (Photo by Becca Atwood)

Written by: Becca Atwood, Staff Writer