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A Response to the Recent Uproar on The Cub

Today was the first day of the voting for the Senior Superlatives. It was also one of our biggest days of the year in terms of traffic. Due to this huge increase in traffic, old stories that had gone unnoticed suddenly were thrust into the limelight. This happened specifically to a certain opinion piece by Heather Nale, entitled “NHS Dinner Fashion FAIL”. The article generated an enormous amount of response, much of it very negative.

So I would like to take a moment to explain The Cub’s editorial policy and its stance on this entire issue.

To begin with, it is and always has been the policy of The Cub to publish opinion articles, regardless of whether we agree with it or not. It is my opinion that any opinion, regardless of how unpopular it may be, deserves to be heard and evaluated on its own merits, and the author of that opinion should not be subjected to hate or intimidation from anyone. If the author is allowed to be threatened and be a target of such vitriolic comments, then their right to free speech is encroached upon. The correct way to respond to an opinion piece (and the article was clearly labeled as such) is by clear, informed discussion and disagreement. I agree that the tone of the article was in some parts rather bad and condescending, but that is not good reason to respond to it in kind. I would also like to point out that Heather did not use any names or anything else that could link any specific person with the topic of her article. The commentors on the other hand, had a very specific target in mind, and were not afraid to let everyone know just what they thought of her.

Personally, I think this is a huge overreaction to an opinion article, and does more to damage the image of the members of the Salem NHS than this (otherwise) obscure article would ever have done.  Is this the correct way to act over a short opinion piece published on this site? I don’t think so.

So, while I think that Heather could have worded her piece differently, I believe that she has every right to voice her opinion without being shouted down by a group of people that are supposed to be the very best of Salem High School.


Plant a tree, save a planet!

The glaciers are melting, everyone knows it. But the topic people can’t seem to agree on is what is causing it. Some believe that the Earth is just in a cycle that it takes, where everything warms up. It’s based on the Medieval Warm Period that took place in the late part of the ninth century.

Records show that the late twentieth century and the early twenty-first century are the hottest years since that time. The temperature of the earth is increasing with every year and the most common belief is that it is the fault of humans. We are destroying our own planet, our only home! The most intelligent beings on this planet are killing everything. The sad thing is, we’re not only killing ourselves, but everyone and everything else.

Burning trash, driving cars, operating factories and cutting down trees are causing the ozone layer to disappear and that lets damaging ultra-violet rays of sunshine into the atmosphere. People have seen the commercials, they have seen the evidence, but the real question is: Do they care? Do they care that the planet is getting warmer with each year? Do they care that millions of animals are losing their homes due to deforestation and melting ice caps? Do they care that animals are dying? Do YOU care?

The polar bear has always been endangered, but humans are technically no longer their biggest threat. Polar bears are drowning. They can only swim for so long before they get tired, and when they leap off an iceberg they need to find a place to land less than 200 miles away. But ice is melting. The bears have no place to rest, so they drown. These beautiful creatures are dying because we, as a human race, cannot walk or ride a bike to the library or school or work. Humans have become lazy! Other animals being affected by our carelessness are toads, penguins, arctic foxes, tree swallows, grey wolves, salmon and painted turtles. Gorgeous animals are dying at our expense. How selfish.

What’s going to happen next year? Five years? Twenty years? Even one hundred years? Is it going to have to become some colossal event before humans step it up and try to preserve the only place we have? Or is everyone still going to ignore it and hope it just goes away? You could be the person to start a movement to save a polar bear from a watery grave. Let’s apologize for what others are doing. One person could end it all simply by cutting back on driving, or if nothing else, getting a car with a better fuel economy. Some newer appliances are coming out with a green star printed on the package. The star means that it saves energy. These two objects are common household object that are usually used at least one time a day.

If nothing else, go plant a tree, or two, or a whole forest! Every little thing helps and adds up to one big thing. Trees will reduce energy bills and provide a shady spot to have a picnic in the yard. It’s not hard and the products usually end up paying for themselves in the long run. A couple more dollars for a coffee pot is worth saving a little kid’s favorite attraction at the zoo.

Written by: Heather Nale, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note

It has been a long battle, one that started at least 2 years ago, when I first suggested taking The Cub online, but it has finally came to fruition: The Cub is finally available anywhere you go.

But I am sad to say that the year that the cub made the leap, was also the year that the staff left. The staff that had made the cub great for the last two years had moved on, Jordan, Hannah, and Rachel all left The Cub behind to move on to college, and their future aspirations. I know I was sad to see them go, not only because they were valuable assets to the staff, but they were also my friends.

Our staff is small this year, but we have some very talented people from Mrs Prater’s Journalism class helping us. To them I am eternally grateful, because without them we wouldn’t have half the volume of stories that our site is enjoying and is going to continue to enjoy.

So, enjoy our brand-new website, and our countdown to Halloween! A variety of spooky stories will be appearing in celebration of the love-it-or-hate-it holiday!


Joshua Dean

Rock Music: Self-expression, or just harmful noise?

A teenage girl sits in her room, listening to the sounds of the bass drifting through the speakers.  The rhythm bounces off the wall and penetrates her ear drums. She sings along to the song, as her mother bursts into the room, unplugs the speakers, and complains , “No wonder you’re so violent!”  Is it true? Will the music this young girl listens to actually affect the way she acts?

Many people believe that the hard beats, violent lyrics, and portrayal in the media give rock music an unpleasant edge. “I don’t think that it’s necessarily the music that the person is listening to that causes them to be violent, but how they choose to listen to it,” says Angela Davis, a fan of the genre. “Some people just take it too far.”

It’s true that that many rock songs are about drugs, pain, and violence, but that doesn’t invite the listener to act in the same way. Many people believe that for people to perceive you as the kid who likes rock music you have to be crude, be involved in excessive drug use, and not care about anything in the world but yourself and your music. “If that was true,  then all people who liked country music would live in the middle of a corn field and drink whiskey,” says Davis.

Some people aren’t fond of the mellow, southern style of country, or the upbeat tempos of contemporary pop music, so it’s understandable that people do not like the more aggressive tones of many Rock songs.  Still, it is important to first listen to all parts of a certain genre before judging. Many grunge songs such as “Jeremy” by Pearl Jam and “I Alone” by Live aren’t forceful and dramatic, but mellow and evoke a lot of emotion. While songs like “Twisted Transistor by Korn are very dark, but they are meant to be a form of entertainment, not the source of all criticism.

Like all other things in the world, people tend to make a bigger deal of things than need be. There is criticism of video games, television shows, the food people eat, the clothes they wear, and many times the music they listen to. The fact of the matter is all of these things have a big part in determining who a person is.  Just as Bob Seger said  “Dreams die hard and we watch them erode, but we cannot be denied the fire inside.”

– By Paige DeNardi, Staff Writer

Halloween fun facts: Who knew?

It’s October and time for the holiday full of candy, dressing up, and everything scary. Halloween is one of the best holidays. You can go trick-or-treating, give out the candy, go visit a fake or real haunted house, or just have your own party. I would suggest doing all of the fun activities on Halloween because if you don’t you are missing out on a lot of fun. Here are some fun facts about Halloween:

  • Orange and black are the colors for Halloween because orange is the color for fall and black is the color for death.
  • Jack-o-lanterns originally came from Ireland. They would put candles in turnips to keep away ghosts and spirits.
  • Tootsie rolls were the first one cent candy in America.
  • Black cats were believed to be witches familiars and supposedly protected the witch’s powers.
  • There really are vampire bats. They live in Central and South America and they feed off of blood from cattle, horses, and birds.
  • If you see a spider on Halloween it is the spirit of a loved one watching over you.
  • The United States first Halloween was in Minnesota in 1921.

By: Sara McIntosh, Staff Writer