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The People’s Key Album Review

by Lauren Voyles


The People’s Key is the final album of Bright Eyes, released one year ago today. Before I review the album, I’d like to apologize to all of the hipsters that will be angry that all of the “mainstream” people will know about their music.

In rating this album, if I had to compare it to music in general, I would give it 4 stars out of 5. If I had to compare it to all of Bright Eyes’ music, I would give 3.5 stars. This album has shown me that not every band will end up sucking as time passes, like I previously thought. This album is definitely different from previous albums by Bright Eyes. As a prelude: Every Bright Eyes song has a meaning. Most Bright Eyes songs are about personal experiences and certain people Conor Oberst (The lead singer; he IS the band) knew. The People’s Key goes more for universal meanings rather than personal ones. I have noticed, though, that over time Conor’s songs have become less personal. In one of his first albums “A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded from 1995-1997” he would actually include the name of the person he was talking about. After that, he rarely included the name of the person, but he did give very personal details about the situations or people the song was about.

Getting to individual songs, I would have to say the best song is “Shell Games”. It is definitely in the style of most of the newer songs, and most of the lyrics in it are for universal meaning but it also adds a touch of personal feelings. “One for You, One for Me” is also a very good song. I did not care for “Approximate Sunlight.”

Should you buy this album? If you like almost all of the songs and you would save from purchasing the song in the album package, or if you don’t want to buy digital download you should purchase the album. I personally chose to download individual songs, but it’s up to you. I personally think that it is a good album overall. It’s not the perfect album to end the band on, but it wasn’t bad.


“Wings” Trilogy By Apirlynne Pike is Ready For Take-Off

By Brittany Campbell

The “Wings” trilogy, by Aprilynne Pike, is an enthralling book series that is dominated by suspenseful romance, ethereal faerie magic, and intriguing twists to historical and mythological events. “Wings” is the first book in the trilogy, followed by “Spells” and then “Illusions”. The series, having been ranked # 90 in Top Teen Reads for 2011 is the first book series written by Pike and has now made her a notable author of young adult literature.

Throughout the series, readers follow a seemingly normal high school girl named Laurel Sewell during her life at Del Notre High in Crescent City, and also among other places like the mystical world of Avalon. As a group of four, Laurel and her friends must complete Laurel’s mission with her as she faces destiny. The existences of two completely opposite worlds collides into a magical adventure that will engulf the reader deeper into this imaginary world with every chapter. Never is there a dull moment, and the books are full of twists and surprises. Will Laurel decide to follow her mission, or decide that she is the maker of her own destiny?

The book series is available for both the Nook and the Kindle, and print copies can be purchased off of Amazon online. This book is definitely worth the read, and will not fail to disappoint anyone who likes fantasy or supernatural plots. By the end, readers will be in agony over the anticipation of Pike’s fourth book in the series.

Sparks the Rescue’s album has to be one of “The Worst Things I’ve been Cursed With,” because it’s so Addictive

With the newest release of  Worst Thing I’ve been Cursed With  Pop-Punk band Sparks the Rescue exceptionally display their talents, finally making headway into Fearless Records music industry. This underdog band has got the ball in their court for this year, or rather- they have one heck of a singer at the microphone.


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Hollen Reviews Orange Ribbon Celebration

By Amber Hollen

On Friday, April 29, ten SADD members traveled to Danville Indiana’s fairgrounds to an Orange Ribbon Celebration. Orange Ribbon is where SADD clubs of Indiana meet together and share ideas, workshops, and have a T-shirt swap. Craig Tourniquet, the comedian entertained the crowd for an hour doing the routine he always does for the freshman orientation. There was a celebration of the retirement of the founder of SADD, and the theme of this year was everyday super heroes meaning that everyday SADD students promote safe choices that can save lives.
“I had a lot of fun in the workshops,” Rebecca Rodgers says. “My favorite was the teen talk with Craig.” The thirty minute workshops were available to teach the teens about the dangers of texting and driving, and other dangerous decisions. The teens were allowed to try out a driving simulator and pretended to text while driving to show how it would affect your driving. Another activity was the quick click challenge. There is a truck with all four doors opened, and from each school there is a team of four people who want to participate. Each member runs to one seat, quickly buckles the seat belt, throws their hands in the air, and when the whistle blows they dart to the next seat to do it over. Each person buckles each seatbelt one time. Whichever team gets the fastest time wins.
Even if you weren’t physically participating in the activities, you had fun because everyone there gets involved. Everyone has fun and it is a good cause.

Vices and Virtues a “Panic!” Return to Form?

By Charlie Seabolt

Panic (with or without the exclamation point) At The Disco is better known for their single “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” created the band’s third studio album released in March of 2011. Though getting to the point of a third album was a little rocky to say the least. Continue reading

Amber Reviews

By Amber Hollen. is a book written by Liane Shaw about her own struggle with an eating disorder. In the book, Maddie has anorexia nervosa but she won’t
admit that to herself. It all started when Maddie’s mom wanted her to go to the doctor for a checkup at the age that teenagers start to gain weight easily. Her doctor told her to start watching what she puts in her mouth so that she could manage her weight without having to diet. Maddie took that as that she was fat, and she started to starve herself, counting every calorie in any bite she put in her mouth. Continue reading

Arthur Review

By Megan Hoskins.

One of the movies that will make you laugh so hard you will bust a gut is the new movie Arthur, which is directed by Jason Winer. Arthur is about a lazy drunk (Russell Brand) who is also the heir of a large fortune, but this mother threatens to cut him off. Now keep in mind that Arthur has never worked a day in this life and he might have to get a job to survive. But Arthur’s mother gives him an ultimatum: if he marries Susan (Jennifer Garner) an impressive business woman, who could turn his life around. But after Arthur is forced into proposing to Susan he meets a girl that he loves, and could possibly love him back. Continue reading